Adriënne van der Werf

Curator, researcher & 


Adriënne van der Werf

Curator, writer & researcher

The Eye on the Skin

with MA Art science students of Ghent University for the research seminar Contemporary art by Wouter Davidts and Steven Jacobs.

The educational exhibition The Eye on the Skin: On Architecture, Film and Video explores the cinematic perception of architecture. It starts from a view that is not objective but subjective: looking at architecture is closely linked to tactile experiences. In other words, the perception of architecture is influenced by a physical contact with its structures. Artists and filmmakers use the camera eye and  various cinematographic techniques to shape the human view of architecture in its architectural, social, artistic and subjective manifestations. They focus their camera (eye) on the architecture (skin). The skin here not only stands for the architectural envelope, but also for the way in which a building provides insight into the ‘condition humaine.’ The selection of films in this exhibition comprises five themes, each highlghting a different angle: Construction, Life in Architecture, Art as Architecture, Insight and Traces of Memory.

Vandenhove Centre, Ghent (BE)
UGent research seminar 
05.12.19 - 07.12.19