Adriënne van der Werf

Curator, researcher & 


Adriënne van der Werf

Curator, writer & researcher

Civil Disobedience

In De Ruimte will be in search of the grey zone. A place where artistic ambition and civil responsibility collide. Is the current political, economical and social space still malleable and how can artist remodel this space?

Civil disobedience is a call to artists and civilians to present ‘protest object’ that connect to their vision on the current societal system. We investigate destructive and utopian visions and everything in between.

During the manifestation objects will be created in and outside of the exhibition space. The programme consists of an ongoing exhibition, two workshops, a lecture and different interventions in and around In De Ruimte and Vooruit in Ghent.

Photos by Matthias Yzebaert

With support of the City of Ghent, arts centre Vooruit

In De Ruimte, Gent (BE)
with Robert Monchen
01.02.19 - 03.02.19